I could have decided to talk to you by way of welcoming word of legal texts and rules that govern the missions and function of the police and its facilities. They are complex and not easy to understand. But they are available on many internet sites among which www.infozone.be ( heading ‘documents’) is the most complete.

I wanted something different. I wanted to speak about our credo: “user-friendliness and service spirit”; it appears on our logo and soon everywhere to be seen.

This leitmotiv is not a personal vision. My goal was for the police staff to create it, to make it his and recognize it. So this choice is the result of many internal and external thinking. We wanted it to be part of the spirit of the zone where a lot of festivities are organized. The ‘conviviality’ aspect is linked to this festive environment so that the Police become part of it without ignoring of course the respect of all citizens’rights.

So this must be the connecting thread of our way of thinking and acting because it allows police action to be at the centre of the community it belongs to.

The ‘service spirit’ becomes meaningful when the police try to solve the problems which are known or submitted to them. Our job is to manage information, check it and use it to put it at the disposal of the authorities. That’s why it is our ambition to do all that we can to satisfy you. And we want to do this not just by acting following standardized procedures but by getting involved in a quality approach. We want to surpass the stereotype of a minimalistic police action and put a capital gain on our reason to exist. We want to be attentive to the citizens’needs and to make sure they receive the services they are entitled to and that they are happily satisfied with the police. The goal of this service spirit is for the police officer to give in a user-friendly way the answers he would like to receive if he were in the same situation, without substituting to the other authorities’roles.


This might be idealistic but it must be our guide.


Francis Hortelan
Chef de Corps

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