Our police zone has 6 police stations assigned to local policing in the 6 districts of our zone.


They are open to the public from Monday to Friday fro 8 to 12 a.m and from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment.


In each of them, policemen and policewomen are there to give your administrative and judicial forms and information, to receive a complaint, to put you in contact with your local policeperson, an intervention team or any other necessary service.


Maison de police de Lierneux,
Rue du Doyard, n° 24,
4990 Lierneux,
Tel 080/281900
Fax 080/281919


Maison de police de Malmedy,
Zoning Industriel, n° 7,
4960 Malmedy,
Tel 080/281860
Fax 080/281897


Maison de police de Stavelot,
Avenue C. Grandprez, n° 25,
4970 Stavelot,
Tel 080/281920
Fax 080/281939


Maison de police de Stoumont,
Route de l’Amblève, n° 19,
4987 Stoumont,
Tel 080/281940
Fax 080/281959


Maison de police de Trois-Ponts,
Avenue de la Salm, n° 32,
4980 Trois-Ponts,
Tel 080/281960
Fax 080/281979


Maison de police de Waimes,
Rue de la gare, n° 80,
4950 Waimes,
Tel 080/281980
Fax 080/281999

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